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At FarFetched Playcare and Grooming, We understand that Dogs are not just our pets but our cherished companions and friends. We ensure that your pets are cared for like one of our own. If you are interested in our dog daycare services, we have a emphasis on fun and control to ensure your furry friends come home happy from a day of play not a day of chaos. All our staff enjoy providing a daily focus whether it’s agility, unique surfaces for our pets that might be tentative on tile or laminate flooring. Each day is a fun interactive experience at our dog daycare conveniently located just off Barlow Trail in NE Calgary. We also provide dog grooming services from bath and tidy to breed and custom requests. We do our best to meet all our client and pet needs! FarFetched also has all types of pet supplies to meet any of your requirements, from high quality pet food to edible chews and cool toys.

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